Spacious Mansion Embraces Nature In A Minimalist Way

Located in Bosch, the Netherlands, this mansion seems like the perfect retreat. Away from the city, surrounded only by nature, peace and freshness, it embraces its beautiful surroundings and makes the most of the views. The house was designed by MAAS Architects. It has huge windows and glass walls which open it to the stunning views of the garden.

The facade is a combination of white plastered walls and wooden panels, a simple and subtle combo but also one designed to look harmonious, especially given the setting. The outdoor area is very simple. A long and rectangular pond flanks the house on one side while the rest is just a beautifully manicured lawn. Tall trees form a green wall behind the mansion, offering privacy and shade.

The ground floor opens onto a covered terrace and a pool. Glass walls and sliding glass doors ensure a smooth transition between the spaces. The interior is defined by simple and neutral colors, light wooden floors, white walls and furniture and accessories that emphasize the spaciousness of the volumes. High ceilings highlight this detail in certain cases in a very natural way. There are very few decorative elements and they are placed in key areas like the piano for example.

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