Spacious concrete residence for a young family in Australia

A few years ago I visited one of my friends’ home. Actually it was her parents’ home but they lived together. The exterior looked like a traditional country side house but the interior fascinated me. The house suffered a modern renovation and it was transformed into a beautiful modern house where you could feel very nice and comfortable. The top side of the house became a new level of the house and the wood interior staircase could lead you there. The most impressive things of all there were the abundance wood elements. My friend told that her father was fascinated by wood and he made a real hobby for this material.

The spacious Patane Residence which is located in Newmarket, Queensland, Australia meets almost the same features as my friend’s house. It is a modern construction made of solid concrete platforms and a lot of timber elements, designed by Bureau ^ Proberts. This residence is situated on the crest of a hill and offers wonderful breathtaking views of the Brisbane city skyline and Mount Coot-tha.

All the spaces of this house are a combination of white and natural wood nuances. Most of the furniture is made of wood which contrast the white walls or the beautiful white glossy floors. The connected pavilions, the square shape of the walls make you see this building as a geometric form based on a certain symmetry and precision.

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Each area is very spacious as all the interiors do not abound in many pieces of furniture or other items that would take a lot of space. Everything looks elegant, fresh and comfortable based on simplicity and the purity of white color.{pics by Jon Linkins and found on archdaily}.



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