Some of Detroit’s abandoned houses photographed by Kevin Bauman

A while ago we presented an interesting project developed by photographer Kevin Bauman. The project was called tiny churches and he basically chose to photograph a series of unusual churches all around Detroit. If you were curious to visit his site for information then you might have also found this project. It’s called 100 Abandoned Houses and it started in the mid-90s.

Back then, photographer Kevin Bauman found a way to take abandoned houses to the rank of art. It’s a way of realizing that there is something beautiful in everything, even in something as depressing as an abandoned house that’s most likely to become a ruin. He decided to immortalize these structures and to make them a part of his project. He basically ventured round the city and searched for such structures. He encountered many abandoned homes and even entire neighborhoods that have been abandoned. They were populated by packs of wild dogs and were filled with rubbish.

He also encountered citizens that were honestly concerned about these structures, either because they were placed in the immediate vicinity of their homes and have become a danger for them and their families or because they simply wanted their city to be less depressing and these abandoned structures didn’t really help. We have made a selection of these photographs and we invite you to take a look at all 105 houses on Kevin Bauman’s site.

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