Solar-Powered Garden Shed by Avanto Architects

The amazing concept was created and design by Ville Hara and Linda Bergroth of Avanto Architects for the Kekkila Garden’s Home & Garden collection. Well if you have a house you now that in summer you would like to sleep and relax outside. And you should have a greenhouse where you could grow your plants and of course you must have a tool room. This beautiful concept brings all that together.

The combination comes very handy for you because you could sleep an hour, then you can watch for your plants and if you need any tools they are in front of you! The tool room is accessed by opening a double door. When you do that, you can see all of your tools in order so you can save a lot of time (because you don’t have to look for a pair of scissors and so on).

The greenhouse section is all covered with glass. That allows natural light to step in. The designer Linda Bergroth transformed the Garden Shed with a timber floor and solar panels. In this way it can be used as a bedroom in the summer time. The solar-powered greenhouse is a good place where you can relax, and listen to the nature speaking. Bricks were used in the exterior of the greenhouse. They were recycled and give a rustic touch to the place. In my opinion this greenhouse, that can e used for three things, is perfect for your outdoor space!

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