Sofisticated and Opponent Alphaville House in Brazil

This is the Alphaville House, a beautiful and impressive residence located in Brazil. In has been designed by Faleiro Guerra Arquitetura and it’s imposing both by its size and the actual design. The residence features a lot of interesting and beautiful details and the architecture is sophisticated but rather simple. It has clean lines and geometrical shapes that usually are not synonyms with cozyness. Still, this is a very inviting and beautiful home.

The Alphaville House is a contemporary residence. It’s imposing by its size and it also features several bold architectural details that really make it unique. The façade is asymmetrical and composed of several shapes of various sizes. The entrance is a double height structure, imposing and stylish at the same time. Both the exterior and the interior are basically featuring the same colors. They are both bright and light.

Not only that this residence is imposing and very beautiful, but it also has a sustainable design. Under the garage, an underground structure has been built that gathers rainwater. This water is then being reused in the garden and bathroom. It’s clever and simple and it’s not even visible. Moreover, the connection with nature is further continued. The structure of the residence allowed for a central patio to be included and there a fruit tree has been planted. The tree can be seen from all internal angles of the house and it’s like a breath of fresh air every time someone sees it.

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