Sobrino House in Medoza , Argentina by A4estudio

A very contemporary building built in 2010, the Sobrino House is located in Medoza , Argentina. It was designed by A4estudio by architects Leonardo Codina and Juan Manuel Filice and occupies a Total Square area of five hundred and forty Metres.

The Sobrino House captures creativity of the highest level; in fact a kind of a divine imagination. Creating a home that also serves as the working area or office isn’t an easy feat considering an official and casual environment that will co-exist is designed. But the architects from A4Studio manage to develop just that.

They were able to create a storied master plan that would ensure that all rooms have proper fittings and furniture, there is proper entry of sunlight, the ventilation is perfect and there is interdependence of activitiesThe design is simple yet complicated and basically uses a system that strips the house off the natural slope of the site.


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