SMG apartments building In Tokyo by Mejiro Studio

In Tokyo, Japan Mejiro Studio has designed a series of unusual apartments that try to get out of the ordinary and to offer a distinct experience to those who chose to live in an apartment complex. The SMG apartments, as they are called, feature an interesting design, using curves and undulating shapes that create an interesting visual image.

I’ve always been a fan of this type of designs. I used to imagine how it would be live in an apartment with round walls and delicate lines. Those living in Tokyo can experience this fact on their own if they manage to get their hands on an apartment in that building. It’s a very different feeling when you’re living in such an apartment. Of course, it’s more challenging to furnish the place because most of the furniture has been designed for regular homes.

The building distinguishes itself from the rest of the structures by featuring an original and unusual design. Besides that, there’s really nothing else that would makes this apartment complex special. The apartments probably look more welcoming and you get a nice feeling when you step inside. However, there seems to be a big inconvenience related to the bathroom. The main disadvantage is the fact that the bathroom overlooks the parking lot, which is not at all what anyone would like to see when they are inside. It’s supposed to be an intimate and private space but not in this case.

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