Smart And Eco-friendly Student Unit Measuring Only 10 Square Meters

As a student, finding affordable and acceptable living spaces is a real challenge. But Tengbom Architects came up with a new and ingenious idea as a response to this problem. They designed a student unit of only 10 square meters. It can be seen at the Virserum Art Museum in Sweden.

The tiny house was designed specifically for students. It’s affordable and functional as well as eco-friendly and smart. The goal was to create a living space for students that would be sustainable and affordable so the key was to think small.

10 square meters is enough space for a single person that doesn’t need to entertain or to receive guests. The plan is to build 22 such units in 2014 for the students to move into.

In order to be successful, the architects had to come up with an innovative approach. They had to find new solutions for old problems. Although the space is very compact, it doesn’t feel crowded and cluttered because of the smart and minimalist design. The unit offers a comfortable living space with all the basic requirements. It has a kitchen, a bathroom, a sleeping area and even a garden with a patio.

By efficiently using the space, the architects managed to create this perfectly functional and comfortable house. It may be tiny, but it’s very inviting and cozy as well. The unit is made of wood and it’s energy-efficient. The choice of materials helps reduce the rent by 50%, which is a very welcomed detail for students.

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