Small T2 House by Antonio Ravalli Architetti

The T2 House is designed by Antonio Ravalli Architetti. The idea of this building is to combine both the qualities of Western buildings and the simplicity of the African ones. Speaking about buildings – this combination is considered to be the best mix. The house was built on a small triangular area in the forest and the choice was to be built from cheap materials such as wood creating a cozy atmosphere.

This house is perfect for every nature lover who wants to live separated from the civilization.The T2 House is located in Italy, all on 110 sqm. Everything is made of wood,fir laminated timber beams and OSB panels. The house may be small, but you have everything you need in it.

Besides, it was not meant to be a luxury residence, but a small family house that everyone can afford and also built using natural materials that are good for the environment like timber. The design and architecture of this house are the proof that you can do everything with a bit of imagination.


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