Small retreat into the middle of forest

We all dream at one point of having a small retreat somewhere in the middle of nature where we can go and forget about everything and everyone and just enjoy the present and admire the views. It’s exactly what the owner of this beautiful retreat gets to do. This house is located in Gambier Island, British Columbia, Canada. It sits on a very unfriendly site which made this a very difficult and challenging project. However, it was all worth it.

This was a project by BattersbyHowat Architects Inc. The house they designed is sitting on a steeply sloped, wooden site overlooking a small private beach. It might be a little difficult to reach the house but once you’re there you forget about everything. Inside, one third of the house is composed of guest rooms with an office and the main entrance. This forms the lower level. The upper level contains the family spaces. An internal stair connects these two levels.

The family areas feature large windows and sliding doors that provide natural light and also help with the ventilation. The house also has a deck with water views and a terrace. The children’s bedrooms form a more private area that offers views of the rocky hillside. The master bedroom benefits from expansive views over the landscape. The views and the beauty of the landscape were the elements that made the owner choose this particular location.{found on archdaily and pics by Sama}.

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