Small House in London With Beautiful Dark Bricks For Walls

I know that you are used to see big, imposing houses, made of different construction materials , but this time you will enjoy seeing a small city house, built on 38 m2  scarp of land on St Paul’s Crescent in the Camden Square Conservation Area, just north of Kings Cross, London, UK. Made in the Victorian style, this project was developed to prove people that they can remain in the city, and in the same time to enjoy all the benefits given by a stylish house.

It’s been a while since I haven’t seen a house with the same kind of walls everywhere, and now I have the opportunity to remark a beautiful construction made of dark bricks. Architects from Liddicoat & Goldhill were keen to build this single house, in order  to test their ideas on living with less, creating intense interior spaces with maximum emotional effect. A family who lives here could benefit from privacy, comfort, silence and a beautiful view, thanks to the Victorian buildings nearby.

The major problem in a construction like this is the lightening, because it isn’t enough space to put in every room big windows to allow the natural light  in, but here the architects created an open space with clear, straight lines and glass walls to prevent this problem.  The bathroom is my favorite room, because it has a glass ceiling and a special model of tile which gives an elegant tone. Although it is a small construction, the elegancy of the furniture, combined with glass, wood and concrete makes from this building the best small house of the year 2011.{found on archdaily and pics by Keith Collie, Tom Gildon}.

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