Small home on water by Confused-Direction Design

For those who love the water and being around it, a house such as this one might be the perfect home. This is a small dwelling floating on the Hunte River in Oldenburg, Germany. It’s an unusual location for a residence but it’s also a very nice getaway. The house was a project by Confused-Direction Design.

The building has a very simple and compact design. It features a single pitch roof and a box-like structure. The wooden exterior helps the structure integrate into the landscape and become part of it. Inside this structure there’s a lofted bedroom with a dormer that allows daylight to get inside. This area can be accessed with a ladder stair. The interior is very simple. The internal structure was designed in a way that would allow a clean and bright atmosphere. Also, the materials and the textures were specifically chosen to create a warm and inviting interior, as opposed to the cold and impersonal landscape.

The house has specifically designed areas for all the members of the family, even the smallest ones. The family’s cats have their own bedrooms that are also connected to the common spaces of the house so that they can be part of the social activities. The interior is heated from the center using a heated air system. The exterior of the house as well as the floor surfaces are covered with locally sourced larch wood.

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