Small cottage with spectacular views over Switzerland’s mountains

There are many beautiful regions throughout the world and the views are so stunning you just want to stay there and admire them forever. When this is the case, you don’t really care if you stay in a luxurious hotel or in a humble cottage as long as the views are the priority. It’s what makes this cottage so charming. It might not look very impressive, but it’s the simplicity that makes it special.

This small and humble cottage also called Haus Lumbrein offers amazing views over Switzerland’s snowcapped mountains. Its interior is warm and simple but it’s enough to make you feel welcomed and cozy. The façade makes it resemble a log cabin but this look was chosen in order to create this smooth transition and to allow the cottage to seamlessly integrate into the landscape and the surroundings. This creates harmony and makes the atmosphere even more charming.

Sitting on a side hidden in the hillside, the cottage is mainly made of wood. The entry is on the ground floor. It leads to a wooden staircase with a wooden wall. The staircase connects the ground floor to the upper level which is spacious and just as simple as the rest of the cottage. The gabled roof creates a cozy and warm feeling inside. The wood-burning stove contributes to the warm and inviting atmosphere and gives this cottage even more charm and character. The simplicity of the interior is a way of shifting the focus towards the views and of not providing any elements that might interfere with that.

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