Sloping house in El Retiro in Columbia

A very strange design of house was strategically placed in El Retiro in Colombia, as a client needed a house on the slopes. It was a difficult design as a certain geometrical shape was demanded by the client, and the architects Paisajes Emergentes designed a house keeping in mind each hollow design in the house separating the interiors, but they give a visual image that the house is attached with each other.

The landscape carry a special consideration for the dent within the house, as each of these dent carry a special balancing act within the exteriors.

This place is an architectural beauty. It’s placed in a relatively isolated area and since it’s painted in white, it’s very easy to see. It’s a real landmark in that area. It has a strange shape, but this is partially because it had to be adapted for the environment. It’s not the easiest thing to build a house on the slopes. There are a lot of things to take into consideration before actually doing it.

As for the interior design, it looks very similar to the outside façade. It has a uniform theme and a modern look. The furniture pieces are simple and elegant, but most of all they look comfortable. It’s a great place to live in. It’s located in a beautiful and quiet place, far away from the busy and loud city. And you can have everything you need right there, plus you can always enjoy the natural surroundings.

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