Single-story contemporary home in Yucatan with a strong connection with nature

The Gershenson House is located in Cholul, Yucatan, Mexico and it’s a beautiful single-story residence. It was designed by Mexican architect Roman Gonzalez Jaramillo of Taller de Construccion and features a simple, clean, contemporary structure. The house is sitting on a 2,000 square meter piece of land in this small but quite spectacular community near Merida.

Built for a retired couple, the house features a series of interesting characteristics. One of the main requests for the project was a structure that would allow the owners to maintain a strong connection with nature while also enjoying the comfort of a contemporary home. To do that, the architect chose a simple design that allows the views and landscape to take the front stage. Also, for the ground level, the house features extensive floor-to-ceiling glass walls that let nature become a part of the interior décor.

Structurally, the Gershenson House is composed of three volumes. They are each located on a specific part of the program and they include a service area, a volume that contains the social spaces and one that includes the private functions of the residence. These three volumes are connected via a transversal circulation space. But besides being focused on creating a functional and simple structure for the house, the project also had to focus on reutilizing materials and showcasing their natural form. This meant that every rock that was extracted from the site was to be included in the walls of the new building.

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