Single Level Family Home With A Large Backyard

Architects get to make other people’s ideas become reality and to give others their dream homes. Inevitably, they get to always add new ideas to their own ideal home design so when the time comes for an architect to build their own home, we get to witness the materialization of all those concepts gathered over time. For architect Sarah Waller, the perfect home was one that lets every family member feel welcomed and comfortable and also one with a really nice balance of great views, privacy, comfort and style.

The house is structured on a single level and has vast outdoor spacesThe house is surrounded by greenery, featuring a large lawn delineated by plants

This is Sarah Waller’s family home. It’s a single-storey house that overlooks a golf course, with a design inspired by mid century modern architecture. It’s a home that’s both simple and sophisticated without falling into the extremes. The main building has an L-shape and the swimming pool together with a backyard cabin/ pool house sit parallel to it, forming an intimate courtyard in between.

The main building is L-shaped and the backyard cabin and pool sit parallel to this volumeThere’s a strong connection between the interior living spaces and the outdoor areas, pool included

At the rear of the property there’s a vast green lawn surrounded by lush greenery. The swimming pool is the main feature out here. A cabin-like structure sits at one end. It’s perfect for outdoor entertaining or for casual gatherings. It’s furniture with comfortable pieces including a hanging chair.

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The separate cabin is actually a sort of entertainment area designed to complement the poolLarge overhangs provide shade for the main living spaces inside the main building

The main building has large overhangs which offer shade to the interior living room but also for the deck that acts as a transition area between the interior and exterior spaces. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors ensure a seamless transition and at the same time let in lots of natural light as well as unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape.

The social area is an open space which houses the lounge, dining ara and the kitchenA large kitchen island dominates the floor plan with its size, color and clean design

The interior design of the house is a simple and modern one based mainly on timeless neutrals. The kitchen, for instance, is decorated with a combination of black and white. A large island is the focal point of the whole space.

This hallway is more than just a transitional space. It also has a built-in work spaceThe lounge area is large and welcoming, with a big sectional sofa facing a fireplace/ TV

A large black volume hides the essentials of the kitchen and doubles as a divider between the kitchen and the seating area. The lounge area uses it as a support structure for the fireplace and wall-mounted TV.

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One end of the house houses the architect’s home officeThe kids each have a separate bedroom, both with window seating nooksThe bedrooms are simplistic, with minimalist light fixtures and chic furniture

The master bedroom is almost entirely surrounded by glass. It offers expansive views of the backyard and the swimming pool. It has a chic platform bed and its own separate connection with the outdoors, through a glass door. The two children’s bedrooms are decorated in a simple and casual manner and feature small nightstands and built-in window nooks with storage underneath.

The master bedroom is almost entirely wrapped in windows that capture views of the gardenThe simplicity of this small bathroom allows it to look bright and airy despite the small size

The master bathroom is bright, open, fresh and sophisticated. It’s open to the outside, featuring an outdoor shower.

The master bathroom is bigger and gets to expand in the yard, featuring an outdoor shower



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