Single family residence in Bangalore, India

The city of Bangalore has a more nonconformist history so it’s not surprising to find such a house in that area. The House of Pavilions was built to accommodate three generations that are living under the same roof and was designed by Architecture Paradigm. This is a common practice in that area. Not everybody would agree it’s healthy and peasant, but that’s their choice. So given that fact, the house had to be designed in a way that would make everyone happy.

The final concept was an open structure where the line between inside and outside is very thin. A lot of glass has been sued for the large windows and glass walls. This allows the owners to admire and enjoy the beautiful landscape and the light to get in. The house is located on the edge of the city, which is a nice compromise. It offers more intimacy, the area is more quiet and you’re still connected to the city.

The house is divided into private and public spaced. The public zone includes drawing, dining and kitchen areas whereas the private zone largely caters to bedroom spaces. It’s a functional structure. The two zones are connected by a movement spine which flows to become the family pavilion in the private part of the house.

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The drawing room and the spine or the space between the upper and ground level acting as a studio/ library space are connected by a glass encased bridge. This further increases the visual connection to the outside. The drawing, dinning and the two bedrooms at the lower level open out to the garden courts. So there’s a very nice juxtaposition of open and closed spaces that work very well together.



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