Single Family Residence In An Area Restricted

This lovely house is located in Genolier, Switzerland. It’s a playful single-family residence and it was a project designed by LRS Architects.The house was built in an area restricted by strong zoning ordinances. Nevertheless, the architects working at this project managed to come up with a design that used the difficult landscape in its favor.

The result was a playful and contemporary residence with an interesting architecture. Because of the unusual structure of the house, the living areas can be accessed from the upper side of the plot and they are located directly underneath the roof. This way they offer panoramic views over the surrounding landscape and they also benefit from the natural sunlight. From the living spaces the inhabitants are able to admire the beautiful Alps and Lake Geneva.

The residence also includes an intermediate floor where the parent’s and children’s bedrooms are located. On the same level there’s also a terrace. The ground floor can be accessed through the garden. The residence also includes a workshop on the ground level. The design of the house is simple and it beautifully integrates into the landscape. Because it’s located in such a beautiful area, the architects included into the design several outdoor spaces such as the garden, the terrace and the porch. They are basically the central elements of this design.{found on architezer}

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