Single-family house in Vienna by Atelier Heiss

Located on the southern slope of the Kaasgraben in Vienna, Austria, this beautiful house was a true challenge because of the extreme topographical conditions. The house was designed and built by Atelier Heiss and the team working at this project managed to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles of the landscape, creating a perfectly lovable home.

The house was built as a single family-house but the structure and design are very functional and flexible and this allows the owners to redesign and rearrange the rooms according to their immediate needs. The main floor of the house contains the living area, place on the north and the dining and cooking area on the garden end. The living room allows very beautiful views of the Kaasgraben Church and the Vienna Woods.

The upper level contains the bedrooms. In order to make this level a continuous area, with an equal floor level, the split levels of three areas had to be adjusted by different ceiling heights. The lower level of the house contains two additional bedrooms, as well as a granny-flat and side rooms. The center of the house is a functional space, used as a common living area. The bedrooms can be easily partitioned or combined thanks to the flexibility of the design. This is also possible because of the materials used, a combination of concrete, white plaster, glass and wood.

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