Single family House 20 by Jolson Architecture

Located in Victoria, Australia, this impressive residence is as imposing on the inside as it is on the outside. The exterior design is modern and very simple. It looks intriguing, especially since there is very little open space that ties the interior and the exterior. The windows that face the street and neighbors are very small and there’s not much you can see from one side to the other. It’s very obvious that the owners wanted privacy.

House 20has a massive and very distinguished design that makes it stand out compared to the other residences in that area and was done by Jolson. It doesn’t seem very fun when you look at it from the outside and this impression continues as you get inside. The interior is sober and formal. It’s nothing like the rustic houses where the atmosphere is welcoming and warm. Nevertheless, some people prefer different things and it’s natural to be this way. The owners of this place obviously wanted privacy and well-defined spaces.

On the inside you actually realize that the spaced is separated into three storeys and the space is very functionally separated. All the mechanical and electric seams are carefully concealed so that the image is very neat and organized. The first floor is the clients private retreat with roof terrace, master suite, library and study. The basement is half entrenched in the earth and half revealed. There’s a large retractable glass wall that separates the interior space from the pool. That would be the entertainment area.

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