Simple,modern and beautiful residence in Hungary

We like to explore the world and to find beautiful residences and unique locations to share with you. This time we’re going to Hungary where we found this beautiful private villa. It’s a modern house that was recently built in a suburb area of a provincial town. It’s beautiful, simple and modern.The villa was designed by Bauer Polla + Onodi András. The interior design was the creation of Geppetto, not the old one who crafted Pinocchio but an interior design company that found this name to be appropriate. The lovely gardens that you see surrounding the house were designed by Pottyondy Flóra. The villa has a simple and sharp design, with a clear contour that makes it immediately visible in the neighborhood. Its modern lines and overall architecture also distinguish it from the other residences in the area.

It’s a two-storey villa that becomes a one-storey structure at the back because of the roof and the inclination of the ground. The house sits on a slope and it managed to incorporate it in its design. The villa has a geometrical design. The roof is covered with metal sheets and had a dark finish. The façade is partially covered with panels in order to create a uniform look. The panels form a sort of frame or contour of the house. The contrast of the dark panels with the pure white surfaces is strong and eye-catching.

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As you enter, there’s a hall and a corridor that separate the parent’s living space and the two bedrooms that belong to their teenage children. There’s also a common area composed of the kitchen, the dining room and the living area. The overall interior design is simple and similar to the exterior. There’s a continuous alternation of gray and white. There are some bright touches of color here and there in the form of citron yellow furniture or colorful paintings.{found on archdaily and pics by Bujnovszky Tamás}.



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