Simple yet beautiful house by Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hachler

This awesome piece of work is done by Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hachler with concrete and plywood. This house really blends with nature and surrounding that the house is located at. This work is minimal yet beautiful with all the wood grain that is present will make the inhabitants feel really warm and certainly offers an earthy feel to all who experience it.

This house is relatively simple but yet it has a very special look, it has something that makes it very attractive, some architectural elements and detail that go very well together and the result is amazing. It’s placed in a gorgeous location, with very beautiful landscape and amazing views. The structure is somewhat simple, but there are some elements that make it stand out. Like the terrace for example.

Furthermore, the same impression you get when you go inside. The interior design is similar to the exterior one. It’s simple but still interesting and appealing. The staircase are a solid rough look. The décor is minimalist but there are some very beautiful and interesting elements like the lamps for example or those colorful and soft seats. These are the elements that bring some color to the house. Overall it’s a very simple but elegant and stylish house, with a great location and incredible views that can be admired from inside or from the terrace.

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