Simple Hotchkiss Residence by Scott | Edwards Architects

This simple but yet striking house is located in Vancouver, Washington, USA, It was built in 2010 by Scott | Edwards Architects. The project team that was working at the project was composed of Rick Berry, Kelly Edwards and Jason Wesolowski. The house is a simple and modern structure that occupies 1.988 sq f of land. It was built for a couple in their 70s. They actually lived on the property for many years but they reached a point when they realized that the house was no longer usable and had to be completely rebuilt.

They wanted their new home to be simple, quiet and calm. It now has 1.5 bedroom areas with incredible views over the river and Mt. Hood. As you can see, the house is wrapped in wood which created a very calm atmosphere and a welcoming design. The couple had a budget of $550k which was enough to create their new dream home. They wanted something simple and easy to sustain. As a result they got a compact home, perfect for them.

Because it’s located in an area with quick weather changes, the architects had to take this factor into consideration when choosing the design and the materials. Moreover, the home sits between the owners daughters and son’s homes, like they embrace the new property. The houses are linked together by bridges. Now the family portrait is complete.{found on archdaily}

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