Simple contemporary residence by Brian Dillard Architecture

This simple contemporary residence is the Dry Creek House and it was designed and by Brian Dillard Architecture. The house is located in Austin, Texas. It was designed for a couple that needed a new home. The house had to reflect their love for simplicity and modest designs. The name has been inspired by the dry creek running behind the house.

It’s a 2.700 square feet residence featuring a C-shaped plan. It includes two bedrooms, three bathrooms and an additional detached cabin space for the pool. The odd shape of the house was actually carefully chosen and the C-shape focuses the inhabitants’ attention towards the beauty of the natural landscape. This way you get actually original and beautiful views as opposed to the plain old neighborhood that surrounds the house.

In the process of building the house, the architects used warm materials such as ipe, white oak, and lueders limestone that create a cozy atmosphere, as opposed to materials like concrete, glass or steel. The house is so simple and yet so elegant. It has everything: privacy, a spacious interior, beautiful exterior extensions ad a warm and inviting atmosphere. The furniture chosen also plays an important role in this case. It completes and complements the house, featuring beautiful colors and simple but chic designs.

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