Simple but sophisticated beach house

Beach houses are not always sharing the same exotic and colorful appearance. Sometimes designers or customers choose something different, something more simple but still impressive. It’s the case of this very interesting beach house located in Shima, Japan and designed by Yamamori Architect & Associates.

Obviously, this is not the usual beach house design. First of all, you can see that the floor has been elevated in order to create a floating impression. This is not all. The designers managed to create a very interesting interior, in four layers. It’s hard to imagine how such a small house can have four levels. But in fact the difference between is not that big. There’s a very subtle variation between the floor height in these four levels and they are all connected with gentle stairs. The house is located close to the ocean so everywhere you look, there’s a great view expecting to be admired.

The exterior appearance, even if it’s very simple, still has a very impressive structure. It’s actually the simplicity that is so striking. Overall, this beach house is a very modern, simple, elegant and stylish place. It’s a very beautiful area where you can go to spend some time during the summer. It’s more of a refuge than a place where you can go to have fun. It’s not a family-home.

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