Shipping Containers: The Pros, The Cons And The Why

Shipping containers are also known as cargo containers. They are large metal boxes that are used to transport products by train or boat, usually used when sending large shipments to another country. Most of these containers remain unused. Most people pass by them without even noticing them and don’t really bother to think about all the wonderful things the containers can be used for. But what they don’t realize is that those shipping containers can be used for lots of interesting projects, one of the most important of which is building a shipping container house.

It might seem odd at first but, the most you think about it, the more you realize it’s actually a very good idea. Shipping container house present several great advantages. For example, they are very sturdy. Moreover, they are hurricane and fire proof and this makes them quite amazing.

Another great advantage is the fact that shipping container houses are affordable and they cost about 20% less than a house built out of the usual materials. Also, they are considerably easier to build. And if you’re concerned about sustainability and impact on the environment you should also know that these houses are eco-friendly.

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Of course, just like any house, they also have disadvantages. One of them is the fact that shipping container houses are not suited for areas with extreme heat or extreme cold. You could give them nice insulation but it’s not really worth the trouble. Another important downside would be the fact that, since there aren’t many such houses in the world, finding a shipping container house building specialist can turn out to be a nightmare. Also, you’ll have plenty of trouble with building codes.

So given all these pros and cons, things are quite balanced. So you might wonder why you would want to have a house made out of shipping containers when the advantages aren’t much numerous than the disadvantages. Well, for example, if you’re living in an area with friendly weather and a nice climate, the cons will definitely be less important.

But regardless of the location, building a house out of shipping containers can be a lot of fun and you could only use for one period of the time. It would an unconventional getaway. It would also be an original alternative for houses made of the usual materials and it’s not completely impossible for these houses to one day become popular and to replace the old ones.

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