Shipping Container Retreat Gives Nomad Living A Whole New Meaning

The notion of nomad living has taken a turn for the better in the past years. Studio Arte recently came up with a new design that uses shipping containers in structures that can serve a multitude of purposes. Use them as holiday homes, guest houses, home offices, studios or even as a starting point for new home-owners.

One of their first prototypes can be found in Portugal. Here, the studio transformed a standard shipping container into a beautiful and modern retreat. They painted it orange to complement the scenery and built a beautiful wide deck that extends the space outwards. The interior and exterior spaces are connected via large sliding glass doors.

Inside the transformed container there’s a living space, a dining area and a bathroom. The structure is mobile, sustainable and economical and it also has a versatile and flexible design which can be adapted by adding a variety of features.

The quarters was built from a 40 foot shipping container and measures 320 square feet which is approximately 29 square meters. The bathroom is located at one end and the rest of the space is an open room. There is no kitchen inside.

The decks on three sides of the structure extend the interior allowing for a very natural connection between indoor and outdoor areas to be created.

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