Shakin Stevens, a fun and refreshing project for both client and architect

The Shakin Stevens house is located in Melbourne, Australia. It’s a house that was designed by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design and it was a project that allowed the architect and the client to communicate and connect and to turn the design and building process into something fun and interactive.

The client and the architect agreed on creating a house inside which the inhabitants wouldn’t feel disconnected from the outside world and, most importantly, from the nature. To achieve that, the color green was used throughout the interior. It is a symbol of nature and it’s also a very refreshing colors. It’s a wonderful accent color and it looks great against the crisp white background. These two colors were chosen in order to create an airy and refreshing atmosphere, consistent with the contemporary design of the house.

The entrance features a mysterious green door. This is the only door included into the design. Beyond it, there is a vast, continuous space. Structurally, the house is concentrated into three white cubes placed apparently randomly on top of each other. These cubes contain different functions. The client requested for the interior to be white and only disturbed by a highlight color which is green. The main idea was to try to bring the green inside. It is why all the barriers and divisions of space were dissolved.

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