Seward Park Residence by Balance Associates

Your search for the perfect new house in Seattle neighborhood may end up with this house. Previously, there was a small house in place of this house. This new house has a good height so that the people living in it can enjoy beautiful view of Lake Washington. The exteriors of this house look perfect and decent. Modern interiors have been used to beautify this house from inside. Bright interiors of this house soothe the eyes. The floor of this house is made from wood. This house defines luxury and beauty.

It’s a very cute-looking house. It has tall and presentable shape, and a very cute roof that sits like a hat oh top of this structure. It’s an unusually beautiful and pleasant house, with a design that would make anyone happy. In terms of interior design, it’s as inviting on the inside as it is on the outside. It has very beautiful wood floors and other wood pieces and fixtures and create a very cozy atmosphere. Furthermore, the furniture has been selected to particularly match the color of the floors, so that the image would be uniform.

So, given the amount of wood used all over this place, the bathroom is the one that looks most interesting. It has a simple but elegant and rustic look. It’s also very spacious. This is available for the kitchen as well. It’s a simple and modern kitchen, with some very simple and elegant details, like the pendants for example. The living room is a little more colorful. But it still has the same cozy and very comfortable look.{designed by balanceassociates}

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