Secluded Green Getaway Off The Coast Of Maine

Visiting a spa or a resort can be very invigorating and rejuvenating but having your own little getaway, your own secluded sanctuary can be even better. We found the perfect example. This green cottage can be found on a small island off the coast of Maine. It makes the most out of the site and it takes advantage of the views, the weather and the beautiful surrounding nature.

The owner wanted the cottage to as close to the water as possible so it was built as close as legally allowed. The cottage belongs to a writer who got some help from his daughter when he decided to start the project. Many other possibilities were examined before this cottage became the final project.

The design they chose is simple and modern and, although the cottage might seem small, it’s big enough to host everyone who wishes to have a taste of the beautiful views and atmosphere.

The cottage has a screen porch which was angled in order to capture direct southern exposure for the solar panels. This lets us know that the cottage is not only peaceful and with great views, but also environmentally-friendly. Besides the solar panels, it also features a water-harvesting system and a composting toilet. Only two appliances operate off propane: the stove and the gravity-driven water heater.{found on dwell}.

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