Seashell House in Espoo, Finland by Olavi Koponen

You do not like crowds, you are lonelier and you love privacy and peaceful places. You are a person that you love your personal “seashell” and nothing can make you give it up.

Seashell House is a perfect place for you. It is a big house without too many windows, located in Espoo, Finland.It is designed by Olavi Koponen and offers you the privacy that you need. It has a natural design, with a grass roof an impressive fireplace. It is a spacey house with big rooms and simplistic decors.

Seashell House is perfect for your unsophisticated person who has not too many pretensions. It can express your simplistic and natural way of being.

Here you can enjoy your peaceful activities: listening to ambiental music, reading a fascinating book or watching a romantic movie.

It will represent your private, relaxing corner of quietness and meditation and which will protect you from the noisy and curious crowds of people.


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