Sculptural house in Madrid featuring dark granite and marble accents

Located in Pozuelo de Alarcon, in Madrid, Spain, this house was designed by A-cero and has a very interesting look. Notice the strong contrasts that define the exterior. The house is wrapped in a series of curved walls built of dark granite and marble and they create a sculptural and unique look.

The interior of the house is divided into two zones. There are two separate levels, both connected to the patio, porch and garden and offering nice views of the surroundings. The first floor houses a large hallway illuminated through skylights. The hallway opens onto a kitchen and there’s also a dining area, a lounge space and an office on the same level. To access the main bedroom you have to use the same hallway.

A staircase leads down to the ground floor. Here there’s a game room and a home theater as well as the guest bedrooms and the kids’ rooms. The ground floor also contains the service areas. All the rooms on both levels have large windows and the upper floor also has access to a terrace. There’s also an indoor swimming pool. It’s actually impressive how all these functions fit inside this compact building.

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