Rustic Fall Retreat Surrounded By A Lush Forest

The Barn House came as a recycling proposal for the team at Estudio Valdes Arquitectos. Founded in 2003, the firm’s aim is to raise the standards with every project they complete. They take on diverse tasks, with an emphasis on urban design and they’re continuously focusing on defining unique architectural expressions using innovative and original materials.

summerhouse in Chile with terrace and glass walls

In the case of the Barn House which is located in the Los Rios region of Chile, the main source of materials was an old barn damaged by the 2010 earthquake. The salvaged wood was used in three different project, the Barn House being one of them.

summerhouse in Chile social area decor

The structure is a beautiful retreat, perfect for enjoying summer or fall while admiring the surroundings and it covers an area of 2,067 square feet which is around 192 square meters. The project was completed in 2015. The house has an L shape. The common area is formed of a terrace, living room and dining area.

summerhouse in Chile ceiling beams and subtle lighting

The rest of the spaces meaning the bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen and the service area are all gathered in a different zone, forming the L-shaped floor plan. The social area is a transparent volume with a rustic vaulted ceiling. A series or trusses/ pillars support the pitched roof and glass panels complete the walls.

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summerhouse in Chile with wood-burning stove

The interior spaces open onto a covered terrace that can function as an outdoor dining space or simply as an open social space. The transparent glass walls allow the surrounding lush forest to become a part of the interior design.

summerhouse in Chile rustic dining area

Recycled poplar wood was used in the construction. It covers some of the walls and forms the roof and the exposed beams. All these elements, combined with the décor style, give the house a strong rustic look.

summerhouse in Chile dining area and kitchen

The interior design is simple, featuring casual and classic furniture pieces, simple materials, natural colors and a hint of industrial. The ambiance throughout is vintage and welcoming, allowing this place to serve as a relaxing and inviting getaway location during the summer and autumn months.

summerhouse in Chile sleeping area above the kitchen

One of the sleeping areas is especially charming. Very simple, it features a mattress placed on the wooden floor. It sits directly under the roof, being a sort of attic space, opened to the outdoors and the rest of the spaces. This space is set above the kitchen and can be accessed via a wooden ladder.

summerhouse in Chile main bedroom design

The main bedroom, however, is a traditional space. It has wood-paneled walls that show different shades and form a rainbow of natural tones. The bed has a metal frame with a worn look. The décor is intentionally kept minimal and rustic.

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summerhouse in Chile glowing at night

The lighting is subtle and a wood-burning fireplace completed the décor. It sits between the seating area and the dining space, allowing both spaces to feel cozy and welcoming. At night, the house glows, illuminating the nearby trees and becoming a charming and cozy oasis in the forest.



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