Rustic Country House In Mallorca Featuring British Influences

Located in Mallorca, in the village of Santa Maria del Cami, this beautiful country house is owned by a British couple with two children. They made Mallorca their new home and embraced the landscape and the culture. Still, you can also see some British influences in the interior design of this house.

The residence has large porches from where the owners get to admire the views and the exterior of the house is covered in stone. The arched windows add elegance to the design while the choice of materials and the overall look give this place a rustic charm.

The north side of the house has views of the courtyard while on the left side you can admire Eucalyptus trees and floral arrangements. The cottage has lots of character, especially considering the mix of local and foreign influences.

The cottage harmoniously brings together the two styles, the local and the British one. The building is a reflection of the local architecture while the interior has been decorated to reflect the owner’s history, roots and personality.

The house has a rectangular floor plan and two small stone porches and it integrates into the Mediterranean landscape beautifully. The wooden beams give it a warm and inviting feel and the rest of the materials used further add coziness to the mix.{found on nuevo-estilo}.

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