Rustic charm and natural beauty in a farmhouse from the Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert is a harsh environment, not exactly very popular when it comes to choosing a location for a family home or private residence. However, the same elements that make this place seem scary to some people make it seem even more attractive to others. The landscape and the natural surroundings are not something you see every day when you look out the window of your house or apartment. It’s definitely something unique.

It’s this region that the owners of this beautiful farmhouse have chosen for their home. The house was designed by OZ Architects for a young active family in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The design is simple but also very clever. It encourages interactivity and interaction between family members while also offering each person the privacy they need. The designers chose simple Mediterranean architecture for this project. The house is composed of several volumes that are arranged around a central courtyard. They form a private community.

This type of design also emphasizes the indoor-outdoor connection. The interior décor is simple and has a very nice rustic charm. There’s a lightness to the décor that makes it seem very comfortable and inviting. In addition, there are also many covered outdoor spaces that share similar designs.

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The interior was designed by David Michael Miller Associates. They used antique building materials and combined them with modern and contemporary features. The result is an eclectic but harmonious design with a color palette that matches the landscape beautifully and with an atmosphere anyone would love.



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