Rustic cabin in Swan Valley made mainly of wood and stone

A getaway cabin like this one gives you the opportunity to distance yourself from your apartment and to really get to enjoy the warmth that nature has to offer. Regardless of how cozy an apartment can be, such a cabin can offer more simply because of the materials involved in its construction. The concrete can’t even be compared with the wood.

This rustic cabin can be found in Swan Valley, Montana, US and it was a project by RMT Architects. Notice how authentic everything looks. As seen from the outside, the cabin seems quite spacious and with a very nice indoor-outdoor connection given by the windows, especially the large one on the front and the outdoor living areas. The interior confirms the same ideas and also adds something to the mix: the warmth and coziness of the cabin.

All the wood that was used in the construction of this cabin, along with all the other natural materials such as the stone used on the walls, give this place a very inviting feel. It’s simplicity elevated to a whole new level of elegance. Also, notice all the other beautiful elements. The traditional and rustic furniture is in perfect sync with the design and the accent pieces such as the chandelier or some of the other decorations are also very beautiful.

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