Russell House Palm Spring California Blends Natural Elements with Architectural Designs

Created by famous architects Albert Frey, the Russell House Palm Spring California home has been listed on the Historic Preservation lists for Palm Springs city. One can reach the beautiful architectural creation by driving through a private pathway and reaching inside the enclosed premises.

Unique feature of the house is the artistic blend of natural elements with architectural designs that renders the construction as real masterpiece while conserving the basic lifestyle of Palm Springs. One can view the Coachella Valley as well as all the surrounded area from the house that is located at a height of around 200 feet above the Palm Springs.

While the attractions like the copy pond, infinity pool and spa that is build inside the mountain are exotic enhanced considerably by the 20 feet waterfall, the house also revives the past with its 1950 furnishing and gourmet kitchen.

Downside is the small size that may not accommodate many people and the price that is on the higher side at $1445-1925 per night.


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