Rural River House by Fulton Trotter Architects

Located on the Balonne River in St. George, Queensland, Australia, this five-bedroom house by Fulton Trotter Architects is a modern masterpiece that truly feels like a home. The clients have a long standing connection to Fulton Trotter and out of desire to create something different in the local context, the Balonne River House was conceived.

The house is sited high on the rural block, ensuring the design captures the perfect northern orientation, cool summer breezes, fantastic panoramic views, while also avoiding flood levels. The house focuses on notions of passive design, simplicity and self-sustainability.

The three wings of this lovely house each perform a separate function. The master wing, closest to the river, contains the main bedroom, en suite, robe and a study come nursery. Then there’s the living wing, which has the kitchen, a formal space and a family space. The final wing houses the bedrooms and baths including an en suite guest room. Moreover, a fantastic covered deck provides gorgeous views.

As said before, the house is self-sufficient, harvesting all of its own water and processing of waste. All in all, The Balonne River House is an awesome place to call home. It is modern, it has panoramic views and, best of all, it’s eco-friendly. What more could you want?

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