Riverside Ranch Overlooks The Distant Mountain Range

The Big Timber Riverside ranch is located in Montana, USA. It occupies a vast property traversed by a river which floods the terrain in spring and autumn and forms ponds in the proximity of the house. The residence was built in a clearing and is surrounded by trees being flanked by the river on one side and with views of the mountain range in the distance.

Big Timber Riverside Ranch facadesThe ranch stand on the banks of a river which traverses the vast propertyBig Timber Riverside Ranch wooden facadeIts architecture reveals two types of facades, one dominated by wood and the other by glassBig Timber Riverside Ranch under the slopeThe residence is sheltered behind a hillside which protects it from harsh windsBig Timber Riverside Ranch perpendicular volumesThe building is made up of two buildings arranged in a T shape

The 2000 acre ranch is centered around a residence designed and built by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects. The studio’s unique projects are created by translating materials and state-of-the-art technology into practical structure and by finding solutions driven by both form and function.

Big Timber Riverside Ranch landscapeThe house sits in a clearing and is surrounded by green trees and naturally-occuring pondsBig Timber Riverside Ranch lakeside viewThe property becomes flooded during spring and the water surrounds the house’s foundationBig Timber Riverside Ranch stone walkwayWhen the water retracts, a lush green field is revealedBig Timber Riverside Ranch large windowsOne of the volumes has a green roof which can be seen from the perpendicularly-placed roomsBig Timber Riverside Ranch side viewThe main volume has two floors with a cantilevered terrace on the upper level

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The house appears to be floating on the river and a stone bridge seems to be the only element that rises above the water. In spring, the property is flooded and the water goes around and under the foundation creating a really magical ambiance.

Big Timber Riverside Ranch sunset viewA stone bridge stands above the water and connects the house to its surroundingsBig Timber Riverside Ranch river stonesThe landscape is beautiful and diverse without needing special careBig Timber Riverside Ranch fireplace loungeThe expansive views of the surroundings can be admired from inside through the large windowsBig Timber Riverside Ranch living areaThe social areas are framed by large glass windows that let in lots of natural light

The house is composed of two distinct and separate structures which together form a T-shaped floor plan. One of the volumes is a two-storey glass building while the other is a single-level wooden structure. They each have their own distinct facades and architectural features.

Big Timber Riverside Ranch staircaseA set of stairs connects the two floors of the main volumeBig Timber Riverside Ranch master bedroomThe upper level houses the master bedroom which gets to enjoy panoramic views on two sidesBig Timber Riverside Ranch corner seatingComfortable and cozy seating areas are spread throughout the residence

The master bedrooms is situated on the upper level and it benefits from some really beautiful views which can be admired thanks to the full height windows. The en-suite bathroom also has a huge window which complements the soaking tub and brings the outdoors in. However, the decor also feels really welcoming, warm and comfortable thanks to the abundance of wood used throughout the residence, in particular on the walls and ceilings.

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Big Timber Riverside Ranch bathroom viewA soaking tub sits by the picture window in the master bedroom’s en-suiteBig Timber Riverside Ranch glass hallwayA glass-enclosed hall runs along the western side of the residence



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