River contemporary Hind house near Wargrave

The Hind House is a contemporary residence located on the banks of the Loddon river near Wargrave. The house was designed by John Pardey Architects who won an award for architectural excellence in the 2009 RIBA Awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects for this project.

The design and structure of this house are quite simple. The space is divided into three volumes: the living area, the guest area and the private area. The house has three separate wings, each with its own function. Because of the location and the fact that the house basically sits on water, the residence was raised up on columns to prevent flooding from the river. You can enter the house via a metal staircase that leads to an open timber lined hood. From there you can access the guest suite and the gym.

The stair provides access to a balcony as well. As you enter, there’s a central hall that serves as the day room. This space leads to a large deck and it’s dedicated to outdoor living. Another staircase then leads to a garden deck with boardwalk at the landing point on the river’s edge.

Since it’s such as unusual house it such an unusual location, the architects had to adapt their design. They designed the house with a steel frame and with timber stud infill, cedar and zinc-clad. The windows feature aluminum frames and the residence has a single-ply roof. The overall design is simple and modern and, even though it might not be as easy as living in an apartment, the views make you forget all about that.

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