River Bank REsidence along the Gallatin River

The next house is designed so it can please both the owners and the guests. It is designed both as a vacation house and a residential one, depending on the owner’s will for the year. The River Bank House is situated outside Big Sky, Montana, USA, and it is located near the Gallatin River. Considering its great location and the landscape that this geographical area provides, the architects tried to take as much advantages as they could from this area. So the architectural structure fits the landscape so that from inside the house the residents can have the best view.

That’s why the house has an interesting shape, being divided in two parts, differently oriented though the best view. one part contains the living room and the guest room. The second part gathers all the rooms that a normal daily living house should have. The two parts, although they are connected, can be isolated when not in use. For economical reasons, the owners can shut this part and set it on a lower temperature.

Also, the house has a large roof which protects the house from the sun and hot temperature during the summer and from low temperatures during winter. The house is well isolated so it prevents the unwanted gains and loss of temperature. The property has a protective courtyard where the owners can have lots of entertaining activities.  The total area measures  7.3 acres, while the house is extended on 3,400 square feet. This incredible property was finished in 2009 and designed by the Balance Associates Architects.

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