Residences With The Most Extravagant Car Parking Spaces Ever

More often than not the garage or parking space is merely an add-on, a feature that comes with the house. Sometimes, however, this feature is given an unusual amount of attention. We’re talking about residences with high-tech parking elevators and platforms, fancy garages but also about those houses that let homeowners turn their cars into prized decorations to be admired right from inside the living area. For these extravagant residences, the car parking space is similar to an art gallery. Is this crazy to love a car so much that you keep it in the living room? We’ll let the following images help you decide.

This is a residence located in Hong Kong. It was completed by Milimeter Interior Design in 2017 and its interior living spaces cover a total area of 435 square meters, some of which are occupied by the garage. As you can see, this is not just any garage. First of all, it has transparent walls which allow it to become an integral part of the living area. That means this wonderful white Lamborghini can be admired day and night by anyone in the house.

The interior design of the residence is not at all extravagant (aside from the transparent garage). In fact, the contemporary white walls and minimalist furnishings create a very light and breezy ambiance inside the house. Full-height windows let in lots of natural light and panoramic views, light wooden floors add warmth to the rooms and oversized light fixtures prevent the spaces from looking dull.

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The talented professionals at Milimeter Interior Design are also responsible from another amazing project that they completed in 2014. This time it was a 455 square meter house with a split level structure. The designers wanted most of all to avoid creating a harsh delineation between the interior spaces so they looked for ways to make this split-level home special.

In their efforts to ensure a seamless connection between the interior spaces, the designers also gave this house a glass box which encapsulates a red Ferrari. The car sits on a platform slightly above the living room floor level, just above the kitchen. The car display box can be concealed with shutters if desired.

At one point sports car manufacturer Maserati in collaboration with Architectural Digest Magazine held a contest where the challenge was to design a dream garage for the company’s iconic car. The winning design was created by Holger Schubert and you can see it right here. The design manages to depict a pure and minimalist environment where the focus is on the car which is regarded as a piece of art. At the same time, the design manages to offer the feeling of arriving at home in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

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What if you want to be able to showcase your awesome car and to show it to your guests but you don’t want it to take up space in your living room all the time? Well then you do what architect architect Takuya Tsuchida, of the number fives architectural design office did here: use a hydraulic lift which brings the car from the underground garage right into the living room. This was done for a residence in Tokyo.

In Singapore, supercar enthusiasts (and owners) have the option of living in one of the hi-tech Hamilton apartments on Orchard Road which come complete with single or double parking spaces adjacent to the living rooms. Specially-designed elevators allow the vehicles to be safely transported from street level into the apartment where they can then become focal points.



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