Residence with a relaxing sea landscape and spectacular mountain views

Brazil is one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. There is the place where you can find both sea and mountains in the same place. Because of this thing, the local architects have to compete with each other to design the most beautiful homes in the most interesting places they can find. For example, architects from Nitsche Arquitetos Associados have designed in Praia Preta, Sao Sebastiao, São Paolo, Brazil a 715 square meters property located on a piece of land between a relaxing sea landscape and spectacular mountain views.

To enjoy every moment spent in this place, the house was designed to communicate as much as possible with the exterior, with that beautiful landscaped garden filled with various local plants and trees.  The owners preferred a one-story house because they wanted to incorporate it in the natural environment, without disturbing too much the views and the ecosystem.

To avoid having a house too warm due to the local climate, the floors were covered with natural marble which is cooler than other materials. The bedrooms are placed in the left side of the building, which is more private and quiet. Every room has its own bathroom and beautiful views to the sea side.

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The interior was redesigned a few years ago, so we can see that in the public area, where there is the living room, dining room and the kitchen, most of the walls were demolished and replaced with some wooden poles not to lose the structural strength of the construction, and the roof was raised higher than it was originally, to let more natural light in.

This house stands out thanks to its verandas which almost surround the building. For those who want to enjoy the sun and look at the sea side, there is the bigger veranda in front of the house, and for those who prefer more private and relaxing moments, there is the second one in the back of the house, facing the beautiful interior garden and also the mountain landscape.{found on archdaily}.



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