Residence wich was built among the greens of Selva, Spain

This is by all means a house that doesn’t fall under the influence of no known standard or traditional building techniques.I don’t know what were the initials ideas of what was in the designer mind at that time but one thing is certain, this place was build in a way that the barriers between outside and inside are almost imperceptible. As you can see all around the house are implemented ideas that let as much sun in, let the air flow naturally as well as integrating the landscape in the decoration.

Located in Spain this new design tries to perfectly balance the natural climate and environment with good living conditions. In that spirit the house had to look a little different. Therefore, the beautiful living space is arranged around the house courtyard and the marvelous greenhouse, which has a retractable roof made of wooden planks that span over four meters long.

To redefine mobility inside the household that greenhouse I was talking you about can be very easily transformed into a veranda. Given the climate condition, this place could be perfect to just lay low and relax, enjoy the sun or read a good book during the summer. Also another feature to this possibility is the energy consumption; with a better air flow during winter you can save up to 60% the energy consumption. You might have already spotted the movable wooden panels. With those you can control the amount of light that comes into the kitchen, bathroom and the communal den, therefore controlling the temperature too.{pictures by Jaime Sicilia}.

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