Residence designed for a busy Melbourne couple and their three children

For those who have a busy life in a crowded city and want to spent some time apart from it, this simple but elegant house is the perfect place for living in the middle of the nature. Built and designed by a team of architects from Turco & Associates assisted by Mitsuori Architects, in collaboration with M.R. Anderson Consulting Engineers and BDH constructions, this 194 square meters house is placed on a 4,402 square meters area surrounded by old, impressive trees which offer great views and also privacy for the inhabitants.

The construction itself, located in Aireys Inlet, Victoria, Australia, seems to float above the ground thanks to its resistance structure which is hidden under the house.

Outside, the combination of wood, concrete, steel and glass makes a perfect balance between the building and the natural environment while inside the owners can enjoy a cozy, traditional atmosphere thanks to those big, stone walls. In my opinion, I think that the living room is the most beautiful place from the entire house; the room is surrounded by big sliding glass doors which lead us to a wooden porch facing the views while the finishes are a combination of traditional and contemporary elements.

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The shiny stained concrete floors and white ceilings give the impression of an airy room, a place which doesn’t need too much furniture to make the inhabitants happy and comfortable. In the right side of the room there is also the eating area, with a modern and bright kitchen and the dining table which match the rest of the furniture. The four bedrooms are placed in a more private area, where the family members can spend time and enjoy the tranquility and fresh air.



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