Residence at the Sea Ranch by tgharchitects

To make the view to the ocean more splendid the sea ranch at California is so modified that the master bedroom in it was pulled apart from the main structure and placed on a narrow lot and it was linked to a deck. The main house is moved back making the ocean view centered at the master bedroom, which is behind a mature cypress grove.

Residence at the Sea Ranch1

This is a very beautiful and modern mansion. As you can see for yourself from the pictures, there is a great amount of wood used in this structure. It looks very natural and it also has a relaxing effect. This makes it especially great for a getaway place. People usually go there to relax, to escape from all the stress and to forget about all their problems. But they are mostly looking forward to relax and to enjoy their sleep. And the wooden walls and furniture pieces contribute to that.

Residence at the Sea Ranch5

Residence at the Sea Ranch4

Residence at the Sea Ranch3

This structure also has a wall made partially of glass that allows to the light to get inside and to the users to admire and to enjoy the surroundings from inside the house. As for the interior design, I can only say that the colors are amazing. The combination are very beautiful and the attention to details is exquisite. The whole mansion is simple and naturally colored, except for some details placed in strategic places that add some color and fun to the design.

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