Renovation of an old Ljubljana villa by Arhitektura d.o.o.

Renovations can sometimes be very complicated, even more complicated and complex than building a structure from scratch. Most often, clients want their homes to be updated but without losing the original charm and beauty of the building. In the case of this villa, the renovation was a rather extensive project. The villa is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was originally built 1913 and recently it has been renovated by Arhitektura d. o. o.

The main idea behind the project was to bring the villa up to date while also transforming its internal structure. The ground floor has been enlarged and a new feature was added. The villa now has a new terrace that connects the ground floor to the garden. In order for the specifications to be met, the team also had to build a 5x5m room just outside the villa. This space now serves as a multipurpose room. It may be used for storage as well for a variety of other purposes.

This exterior room is versatile and adaptable in terms of design and structure. It features movable screens and several other features that make it stand out. Besides this addition, the villa also went through a series of other transformations. For example, a new staircase was built as part of the renovation process. Also, the garden now has a new fence which better matches the new design and look of the villa. The renovation was complex and the results are quite impressive.

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