Renovated Sicilian Villa is the Epitome of Relaxed Mediterranean Living

With the sea in the distance, a remote renovated villa set amid an expansive Mediterranean garden features minimalist interiors that match its low-key surroundings.

Renovated Sicilian Villa

Located in Portopalo di Capo Passero, Sicily, the Villa Cozzo Tre Venti’s remote location offers views of the sea that stretch for 180 degrees.

The serene retreat was designed by architect Andrea Marlia of Milan and is an artful remaking of rural buildings on the property. The house sits amid 30,000 square meters gardens, accented with dry stone walls and encircled by the greenhouses of the Pachino tomato farm, as well as groves of prickly pear cacti and carob and olive trees.

Made for Outdoor Enjoyment

The structure itself was designed to be in harmony with its surroundings, so the exterior walls are covered with a lime paster that celebrates the local tradition. Not only is the finish in sync with the land, but the overall shape and layout are too. The warm, earthy shade of the exterior softens the look while the silhouette of the residence relies on linear elements and angles.

With the outdoor surroundings such a big part of the overall design, it should not be surprising that the outdoor spaces are completely focused on relaxation and enjoyment with others. The features of the outdoor living spaces include a bamboo pergola, from which it’s possible to view the sea.

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A big swimming pool, designed by Paola Ascari and Alberto Zattin of Lo Studio Design, is removed from the main patio space and set in the middle of the lawn area. The construction is quite different because it’s set partially above ground and is designed to evoke the water collection tanks that Sicilians traditionally used, called gebbie. Finally, an iron pergola with a bamboo cover provides shade and a breezy spot for a break from the heat during the summer’s hottest days.

Next to the main structure, an open-air bathroom is surrounded by different types of Mediterranean vegetation. The outdoor design provides a free and natural feeling to the space.

Warm Yet Minimalist

Inside the house, the spaces are large and open, projecting a minimalistic aesthetic, which was curated by Studio Design. The walls of the interior are finished with densely textured plaster in a range of colors that are accented with ocher and red, and immediately conjure up the smell of exotic spices. 

At the center of the home is the expansive living room that joins onto the kitchen and looks out to the garden through a large, floor-to-ceiling window. The furnishings in the main living space — as well as throughout the home — are in a minimalist design, softened by the calm, neutral color palette.  A minimum of accents and decor help keep the rooms feeling light and relaxed.

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Private Resting Space

Another part of the house is dedicated to the sleeping area, which features three large bedrooms and one small one. The design separates this space from the main living area to ensure privacy and relaxation for family members as well as houseguests. Again, the lack of decor and embellishments helps promote relaxation and serenity. 

The Play of Light and Shadow

Plentiful daylight comes from through the corten steel doors, and windows which feature laser carvings. This creates a play of light shadow that forms an architecture of colors and illumination all its own.

Images by Roberto Zampino – Courtesy of URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR



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