Renovated Residence In Singapore With A Koi Pond Inside

This elegant and chic residence can be found in Singapore. It has been renovated in 2010 by RichardHO Architects and it features a modern and quite unexpected design. The prewar shop-house was beautifully transformed. It now features a retractable glass roof and an interior koi pond, both elements that make it stand out.

Initially, the residence was in quite good condition. However, it didn’t have the layout and design that the owners wanted to it had to be transformed in order to become more suitable for modern living. Several major changes had to be made. For example, the kitchen and the bathrooms were initially located at the back of the house and this wasn’t exactly a layout appropriate for entertaining. As a result, the house had to be reconfigured.

The architects managed to create a single volume that now contains the living room, dining area and the kitchen. This instantly gave the house a more modern look. But even though this is one huge space that goes all the way to the back of the house, you can still see that different spaces have different functions.

Other changes that are worth to be mentioned include the skylight and the air well. Of course, we can’t ignore the water feature. The residence now features a koi pond and the staircase goes up on its side. The retractable glass roof was also a major upgrade.

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The second floor of the residence contains the master bedroom and an en-suite bathroom and the other level houses the nursery and another bedroom. So the private areas are upstairs while the rest of the space is for entertainment. The attic has been turned into a guest room and it’s also used as a study by the owners. There’s also a rooftop terrace with an infinity edge pool and beautiful views.



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