Renovated residence by Andersson Wise

This is the Collector’s House, a very interesting and unique project. It was created by Austin-based architecture and design studio Andersson Wise. It’s a new and very beautiful creation. The house wasn’t actually built from scratch. The project involved the renovation of an already existing residence.

The original building has been built in the late 1980s. It’s a house with personality and a great history. Since it’s such an old residence, every little item and structure inside had a lot of stories to tell. Still, a transformation was badly needed. The residence got an extensive and dramatic renovation and not the Collector’s House is a completely new but still very interesting and beautiful residence, just in a different way.

The Collector’s residence sits on a wooden site in west Austin, Texas, USA. The location is very beautiful and also convenient. The house looks beautiful both on the interior and exterior. The inside of the residence is very warm and welcoming, even though it’s minimalistic. The walls have been painted white and they’re a sort of blank canvas for all the beautiful art pieces and decorations. The furniture is also exquisite and unique. The living room, dining room and the master suite have been redesigned. The pool and the entry deck areas have been transformed as well.

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